Session 11: Legal Operations Competencies and Talent

January 12, 2024


Sophie Kneschke, LL.M. | Senior Consultant, Wirtschaftsjuristin EY Law bei EY (LinkedIn)

Tamay Schimang, Director Legal Operations at EY Law (LinkedIn)

Saba Ghafouri, Project Manager Learning & Communication (LinkedIn)


Highlights of the Roundtable:

  • Understanding Legal Operations Competencies: We'll explore the core competencies required in today's legal operations landscape. This session is perfect for those looking to align their skills with the current demands of the industry.

  • Introduction to LOOP: Get a sneak peek into LOOP (Legal Operations Plattform), as an example of legal ops education. Discover how LOOP is shaping the future of legal operations learning.

  • Recap of "Legal Operations Speeddating" Event (November 2023): We'll review the key takeaways and success stories from the vibrant "Legal Operations Speeddating" event held in November 2023. Expect to hear inspiring stories and practical insights.


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